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Pakistan Halal Authority Bill Report

An Introduction and Synopsis of Our Efforts in the World of Halaal

Indeed, a Muslim is one who rises to the occasion and bears the burning desire in his heart for every command of Allah  to be established throughout the world. The issue of Halaal and Haraam is a command of Allah  and has been directed towards every believing man and woman and, therefore, it is of fundamental importance.
As the great Sufi Scholars, would say: “A true believer is one who seizes the moment” – one who grabs every opportunity to serve Allah  and His Deen with both hands and makes every possible effort to see that his efforts come to fruition.
This treatise contains a detailed account of the efforts made by Moulana Fazlur-Rahmaan chairman The Jamiat-e-Ulamaa-e-Islam, (JUIF), and his entire team. SANHA Halaal Associates Pakistan, and all his associates to ensure that the Proposed Halaal Authority Bill represents the true sentiments and rulings of Islam, as well as all the supporting ‘Ulamaa bodies of every recognized school of thought within Pakistan. It also serves as a lesson and example for each Muslim around the globe of how Allah  helps those who help His Deen.


Mufti Yusuf Abdur-Razzaaq

Chief Executive Officer:

SANHA Halaal Associates Pakistan

To read full research paper please download pdf copy below.

Pakistan Halal Authority Bill Report
English Version

Pakistan Halal Authority Bill Report
Urdu Version
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