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A while ago, the Halaal Certification Body of Malaysia – JAKIM – objected to a multinational franchise labelling a Halaal product as “Hot Dog”. Though this product does not contain any dog meat and could be made from Halaal chicken or beef, and even pork, nevertheless, it is popularly known as a hot dog. As a result, the company was forced to change the product’s name and the news went viral on social media. We were saddened to learn that there were even Muslims consumers who mocked JAKIM for their stance and it is indicative of the masses’ ignorance regarding matters of Halaal and Haraam. Thus, a decision was made at a weekly juristic) FIQHI( meeting at the Shari’ah Research Department of SANHA Pakistan that Mufti Sayyid ‘Arif ‘Ali Shah would prepare an article regarding this matter and – Alhamdulillaah – He has prepared an extremely beneficial article called “Giving […]

Note: This is English translation of Fatawa regarding Non-Halaal Slaughtered Animal Rennet, issued by Pakistan’s Most Reputable Fatwa Centre, Dar_ul_Ifta Jamia Uloom_e_ Islamiyah, Banuri Town, Karachi. Original Urdu Fatawa web link is given at the end. English translation and publication by: SANHA HALAL ASSOCIATES PAKISTAN.   The Shari’ah Ruling Regarding Non-Halaal Slaughtered Animal Rennet   Question: I would like to know what the Muftis say about the following issue: Some time ago, while discussing whether animal rennet is Halaal or Haraam in a program regarding Halaal food, a certain mufti said that “rennet is used when making cheese and it can be derived from (the stomachs of) lambs, calves or piglets. The lambs or calves are slaughtered after they have drunk milk and while the milk is still in their stomachs. The milk which is removed has a fermenting effect and causes liquids to solidify. This is rennet. If the […]