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The Shariah Rules Regarding Vinegar

Some time ago, I heard an international forum discussion regarding vinegar from which I gauged that those affiliated to Halaal Certification Bodies are ignorant of the actual Shari’ah ruling regarding vinegar. It seems like they only had the rudimentary information and understanding which is found either in the various Halaal Standards or which they have read off the internet. The result is that, out of ignorance, each one was arguing his point according to his own logic which, in light of the Shari’ah, is a very dangerous thing to do because the Shari’ah has prohibited us from talking about that regarding which we have no knowledge. The Shari’ah has also explained the reason for this prohibition: no-one should unwittingly utter something which could endanger his imaan.

 Due the above, we raised the issue in our weekly Fiqhi meeting and decided that a detailed research paper regarding the views of all four schools of Islamic juristic thought (mazaahib) should be prepared, so that each person – regardless of which school of thought he follows – can be fully aware of the view and proofs of his own school of thought.

 Alhamdu Lillaah! This research paper is now complete and ready – May Allah  make it beneficial for all of us (aameen).


Mufti Yusuf Abdur-Razzaaq

Chief Executive Officer:

SANHA Halaal Associates Pakistan

To read full research paper please download pdf copy below.

The Shariah Rules Regarding Vinegar
English Version

The Shariah Rules Regarding Vinegar
Urdu Version



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