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26 Sep 2016

JAKIM : New Halaal Logo for Muslim-Made Products

Jakim director-general Tan Sri Othman Mustapha said the proposed new halaal logo for Muslim-made products would not be legal unless certified by existing regulatory authorities.

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26 Sep 2016

Pakistan Halaal Authority Bill

Jamiat Ulema Islam (Fazal ur Rehman Group) has presented its religious and national reservations regarding halaal Authority Bill presented in the Parliament on 25th November, […]

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08 May 2016

Halaal Awareness Seminar Lahore

Halaal Awareness Seminar Lahore - SANHA was requested to give a presentation on Critical Ingredients in daily life food products.

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26 Feb 2016

Halaal Food Products Bill Approved By Senate Committee

The Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology approved on Monday the ‘Pakistan Halaal Authority Bill, 2015’, paving way for the up-gradation of food laws in the country.

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10 Feb 2016

Coffee Shop Halaal Alert!

Everything from sealing an important business deal, to an old school friend reunion, or having a sobering discussion with a marriage partner is today discussed ‘over a coffee’.

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13 Jan 2016

Japan’s Restaurant Look to cater to the Halaal Food Industry

Japan: In a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, a group of customers is shuffling in. They first take a quick glance at the menu to check if there’s anything that might go against halal rules.

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31 Aug 2015

Japan – Muslim man on hunger strike

A Muslim man detained at the immigration control office in Yokohama, Japan has launched a hunger strike after he was mistakenly served pork.

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28 Aug 2015

National Assembly Body Passes ‘Pakistan Halaal Authority Bill’

A parliamentary panel on Thursday unanimously passed "Pakistan halaal Authority Bill, 2015"

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24 Jul 2015

KFC, Pizza Hut Sealed in Peshawar Over ‘Expired’ Food

Deputy Commissioner Office Peshawar on Thursday sealed Pizza Hut and KFC outlets for supplying ‘expired food’ items.

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14 Jul 2015

US Businessman found guilty of fraud over Halaal Beef Exports

A businessman from Iowa was convicted on Monday of wrongly claiming that beef exported to Malaysia and Indonesia by his company was halaal.

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