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08 Jul 2015

‘Eating Halaal can turn you into a Muslim’, Sweden Politico Says

STOCKHOLM: In what could be termed as the worst precedent of Islam-o-phobia, a Swedish politician has sparked a scandal by blurting out that halaal meat has magical powers and can turn you into a Muslim, a report said Wednesday.

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30 Jun 2015

Sugary Drinks may cause 184,000 Global Deaths a year – Study

Washington: Sodas and other sugary drinks may cause up to 184,000 deaths a year worldwide, according to a study published Monday in the journal Circulation.

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14 Jun 2015

Closing Statement of the special meeting

Closing Statement of the special meeting against non-muslim interference to halaal issues.

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17 May 2015

UK Supermarket ALDI apologizes

The Black pudding product was stocked on Aldi shelves as well as online, carrying a UK Health Code stamp which certified it as suitable for Muslims.

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