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Islamic Perspective on Earnings & Halaal (lawful) Trade

Allah Most Mighty and Majestic says: Acquire another?s wealth only by mutual consent

“O you who believe! Do not wrongfully devour each other?s wealth, but let there be trade with mutual consent. Do not kill yourselves. Indeed Allah is most merciful upon you.? [an-Nisaa: 29]

Worship is not confined to prayers, ethical trade is also a form of worship

?When the Prayer is completed, spread out in the earth and seek from Allah?s bounty; but remember Allah much that you may prosper.? [al-Jumu?ah: 10]

Allah despises deception in trade

‘Abdullah bin Abi Awfa (may Allah be pleased with him), a Companion of the Messenger (salutations and peace be upon him) narrated: “A man displayed some goods in the market and took an oath by Allah that he had been offered an amount for the goods which in fact had not been offered. He said so in order to cheat a Muslim. On that occasion the following Verse was revealed: “Verily those who purchase a small gain at the cost of Allah’s covenant and their oaths (They shall have no portion in the Hereafter …)? [Aal Imraan:77]

Allah?s Messenger (salutations and peace be upon him) has said:

  1. Earning is also a religious obligation
    ?Acquiring permitted sustenance is an obligation after the other obligations.? [al-Bayhaqi]
  2. Trade is amongst the most blessed and prosperous ways of earning
    ?Verily out of ten portions of sustenance, nine portions are in trade?. [Ibn Abid Dunya]
  3. Good character in business earns Allah?s mercy
    ?May Allah’s mercy be on him who is lenient in his buying, selling, and in asking for his due.? [al-Bukhari]
  4. Work, don?t beg
    One should rather cut and carry a bundle of wood on his back than beg somebody who may or may not give him.? [al-Bukhārī]
  5. Allah forgives considerate traders
    ?There was a merchant who used to grant people credit, and whenever his debtor was in straitened circumstances, he would say to his employees, ?Forgive him so that Allah may forgive us.? So, Allah forgave him.? [al-Bukhārī]
  6. Be ethical with competitors
    “Do not urge somebody to return what he has already bought from another seller so as to sell him your goods.” [al-Bukhārī]
  7. Be careful on the source of your wealth
    “A time will come when one will not care how one gains one’s money, legally or illegally.” [al-Bukhārī]
  8. Earning permissible wealth is a form of worship
    “For every person who earns anything Halaal which he eats himself or whereby he clothes himself or anyone of Allah’s creation, that shall be written as a deed of charity.” [Ihya ?Ulūmid Dīn]
  9. Honest labour is the legacy of the Prophets
    “There is no food eaten better than that earned from the labour of one?s hand. Indeed Allah?s Prophet, David (peace be upon him), ate from the labour of his hand.” [al-Bukhārī]
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