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December 11, 2021

Pakistan’s Halal Structure

Consuming Halal is obligatory for a Muslim and when he becomes responsible for the other Muslims, feeding and providing them with Halal foods also become his liability. This chain of liability when reaches at state level, the state becomes responsible to feed its people with Halal foods. Realizing this responsibility, the Constitution of Pakistan obliges the state to make arrangements to meet the Shariah requirements. Pakistan has almost 96% Muslim population, hence Halal and Haraam were taken care of in the policies of the state business sector even before the proper Halal structure and system came into existence. Resultantly alcohol and pork imports have been declared prohibited. Due to being an Islamic country and being a Muslim majority, slaughtering is done only by Muslims. It is responsibly claimed that Pakistan has a complete system of Halal. Hardly any Islamic country has such a large system. In this regard, necessary details are being brought […]