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Pakistan Halaal Authority Bill

Jamiat Ulema Islam (Fazal ur Rehman Group) has presented its religious and national reservations regarding halaal Authority Bill presented in the Parliament on 25th November, 2015.

These reservations are aimed to provide proper guidance to the government in religious matters in order to establish an authoritative institution. This institution will be compliant with Shariah and Constitution of Pakistan; and the citizens of Pakistan can trust its verdict to consume edible products, and local industries will develop and progress, and will be an ideal institution not only in Pakistan, but in Islamic community.

The reservations were marked from religious and technical grounds; however, initially two basic points were raised in the National Assembly:

  1. According to OIC/SMIIC halaal standards, initiating and importing mechanical slaughtering in Pakistan is very harmful.
  2. Bill does not contain section for Import; even though, it is very vital to be part of the halaal Authority Bill.

Establishment of halaal Authority is also good for our economy. At this moment, the volume of halaal industry is 300 Billion, of which 85 percent is controlled by Non-Muslims and Muslim countries only have 15%. Of this 15%, Pakistan has contributes only up to 0.24%.

Source : Pakistan Halaal Authority Bill Report

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