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Flat 02, Plot 10-c, 2nd Commercial Zamzama

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11 : 00 A.M - 08 : 00 P.M

Minha Edible Oils & Ghee Mills PVT LTD

Address3-A Canal Housing Society Canal Road Lahore, Pakistan
Manufacturing Plant70 Km - Lahore Multan Road, Pakistan
Phone0423 4500000
Product1. Jashan Banaspati Ghee
2. Jashan Cooking Oil
3. Minha Banaspati Ghee
4. Minha Cooking Oil
5. Minha Sunflower Oil
6. Minha Soyabean Oil
7. Minha Canola Oil
CategoryE- Processing 3 (Products with long shelf life at ambient temperature)
ScopeManufacturing and packing of Oil and Ghee
Certified Since09/08/2018
Expiry Date08/08/2019