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Muslim man on hunger strike after immigration officers served him pork in Japan

The man who was detained for deportation procedure on August 12 was served macaroni salad which contained bits of bacon after which he complained and launched a hunger strike the following morning.

The Yokohama branch of the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau declined to give information regarding the man’s age and nationality.

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“Such a mistake is something that should not take place. We will try to avoid a recurrence,” an official said.

Despite apologies from the officials, the man continued to refuse meals and took only water and nutritional supplements supplied by a doctor instead of food.

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The branch usually asks meal delivery service providers not to use pork in meals for Muslims and checks delivered meals, officials said. They added that they did not know how the slip-up occurred in this case.

The Muslim man is awaiting deportation at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau’s Yokohama District.

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