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Halal Associates Pakistan

SANHA Pakistan is a derivative of SANHA (South Africa) – a world leader in Halaal food certification. SANHA (South Africa) is the mentor and trainer of SANHA Pakistan. SANHA Pakistan has developed itself on the footsteps of its parent organization; and with the help of Allah and support of SANHA (South Africa), is now able to work independently.

SANHA has the moto “We do business, but not only business”. By Allah’s will SANHA Pakistan offers its benevolent and charitable services to businesses and consumers in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with the aim to inform, educate, train and serve the masses about Halaal certifications. All the operations and services are performed on the footsteps of SANHA (South Africa), and in light of Shari’ah.

SANHA is one of the founding members of World Halaal Council (WHC). SANHA is also active on global scale, being active member on numerous international platforms. The common goal is to set and work towards a global uniformity. This purpose would simplify the Halaal certification process by aligning the processes of various Halaal certifying bodies around the world including JAKIM (Malaysia), MUIS (Singapore), MUI (Indonesia) and the Halaal Science Centre (Thailand).

May the will of Allah be with us, SANHA is determined to educate and train publics about the concepts of Halaal and Haram nutrition. SANHA humbly follows and keeps itself updated with the latest and most current Fataawa by the pioneering scholars.